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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help you afford your pet's care and ensure that they can get it when they need it. Most pet insurance plans reimburse you after you file a claim. Visit Pawlicy Advisor to compare pet insurance providers.

Pawlicy Advisor

What to Look for From a Pet Insurance Provider

Trying to find a good pet insurance provider, one that fits your unique lifestyle, can seem like a big task. Here are some tips to help make your search easier.

1. Look for established brands

Pet insurance brands that have been around for a few years are less likely to change their premiums as they already evaluated their business metrics.

2. Fast reimbursement

Top providers are usually able to reimburse claims within 14 days. Some may even be able to pay your vet directly so you don't need to wait.

3. Great lifetime price

As your pet ages, premiums will increase because of the greater risk of injury or illness. Providers will have different rates of premium increases, so using Pawlicy's 'Lifetime Price Score' will help you understand prices across your pet's lifespan.

Pet Insurance FAQs

Learn more about pet insurance by reading through the most common questions our Gold Canyon vets receive.

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