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What to Expect During Your Dog's Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Your Dog's Dental Cleaning

By the time they are three years old, approximately 84% of pets will have gum disease. Today, our Gold Canyon vets talk about the importance of dental care for dogs and what you can expect before, during, and after your pup's veterinary dental appointment.

A Dog's Dental Health

The best way to protect your dog's oral health is to keep their mouth clean. By keeping your dog's mouth clean, you are helping to prevent a range of dental health conditions, including bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Your veterinarian can clean your pup's teeth thoroughly under anesthesia to help prevent oral health issues like the ones detailed above. At the same time as the dental cleaning, your vet can also conduct a comprehensive examination of your pup's mouth to check for signs of emerging oral health issues. By finding oral health problems early, they can be treated sooner, preventing your pup from feeling any unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Veterinary Dental Appointment For Dogs

Here is what you can expect when you bring your dog to Companion Pet Clinic of Arizona for a dental appointment.

Before Your Dog's Appointment

Several days before your pup's appointment, your veterinarian will ask you to come in for a preliminary visit. At this appointment, the vet will conduct blood tests to determine if it is safe for your furry friend to undergo anesthesia. It can take a few days to get results from the blood tests.

When your vet confirms your dog's dental appointment, they might ask you not to feed your dog anything before their dental exam/cleaning. 

Your Dog's Procedure

Your dog's appointment will most likely start in the morning with a pickup time scheduled for the afternoon. After you drop your pet off at the animal clinic, you should remain accessible by phone, just in case your vet finds an issue that can be treated during the same appointment. This can prevent extra stress for your pup.

In order to conduct a comprehensive examination and cleaning, your dog will have to be put under general anesthesia. This lets the veterinarian complete a full examination and clean under the gum line.

During your dog's dental examination, your vet will check for signs of infections, gum disease, cavities, and cancers. To be as thorough as possible, they may also conduct X-rays. If your vet finds an issue, they may contact you to get your permission to conduct any treatments needed. Examples of common dental treatments include fillings and extractions.

To clean your pup's teeth, the vet will use powered and manual de-scaling tools to clear all of the plaque that is located above and below the gum line. Then, your dog's teeth will be polished, to remove any plaque that remains and smooth the surfaces of the teeth, so food particles won’t be able to stick to them as easily in the future. Then finally, to conclude the cleaning process, your dog's mouth will be rinsed.

To prevent your dog from choking on anything during the cleaning process, they will be provided with a breathing tube to deliver the anesthetic.

After Your Dog's Dental Cleaning & Exam

Most of the time, dogs can go home on the same day as their dental appointment. However, you should ask your vet if your dog requires any special care at home such as a soft diet, rest, or medications.

While they may not show it, dogs will experience some pain and discomfort after their dental procedures. Therefore, we recommend spending time and playing games with your pup after their appointment, to help keep their mind off of any discomfort they may be feeling. If your veterinarian had to do a lot of work, they may recommend pain killers.

If your vet has found any conditions or oral health issues during the examination process, they will explain their finding to you and work with you to determine a treatment plan and your next steps.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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