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Pet Adoption


At Companion Pet Clinic, we believe in helping those in need. We are proud to work with local animal shelters to help pets in need of veterinary care who are considered "unadoptable" and otherwise euthanized. We communicate with animal shelters often and help when we can. The veterinarians at Companion Pet Clinic fully evaluate and treat the immediate medical needs of the animal once it arrives in our care. When they are on the road to recovery, we alter, microchip, and vaccinate the animal to ready it for adoption.  Once they have reached "adoptable" status, we post the animals on our website for adoption. We ask for a small donation to help offset some of the cost of the animals' medical care they receive. If you are interested in fostering an animal for Compassion at Companion Veterinary Clinic or interested in adopting, please call us and ask to speak to Jennifer, our Veterinary Practice Manager. 
If we do not have an animal in our program that interests you, we may be able to guide you to another valley rescue group that may have the perfect pet for you! Please feel free to call and speak to Jennifer at any time. 


"Sympathy sees and says, "I'm sorry." Compassion feels and whispers, "I'll help."